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What We're Building


Guess what! You've got a new best friend... and they're a microwave oven!!!

This little guy likes to enchant your most dreary mundane moments with joyful wonder made just for you.

Which of these buttons defrosts a zuchinni? WHO CARES. Nakama will hold your hand on a journey to simpler times when blasting things with radiation was super cool and simply easy.

Nakama actually respects your time and ensures every use becomes a spectacle. And it'll look good doing it.

Who's Behind This

Karlee Esmaili


Expert at getting ideas off the ground and into your hands. Shipped like 7 zillion crowdfunding campaigns. Previously at Kickstarter, Cards Against Humanity, and Blackbox. Writes quips.

Rob Lach

Another Founder

Technoguy working at the intersection of computing and culture. Tells computers what to do. Did all sorts of things with art, games, and non-profits. Obligatory white dude.

Phoebe Liandyartha

Industrial Design Fellow

Award winning industrial design genius we convinced to do stuff for us in exchange for e x p o s u r e and e x p e r i e n c e. Don't let them see this webpage. 🤣

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